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Nov 10, 2013 10:05pm EST
working in massachusetts. it uses ideas of the heritage foundation. the individual mandate was founded by the heritage foundation in 1989. republicans introduced similar legislation in 1992. senate republicans for health care. so you guys are complaining this is a radical, radical thing when it's filled with republican ideas. then the other problem is you guys have complained for four years. you jumped up and down and complaining about how awful obama care is. there is, as far as i know, is no republican alternative. none that's been passed in the house. you don't have a comprehensive health care plan. the health care costs have been rising and rising and rising for the last 20 years. they're projected to continue to rise if there is no change. so what is the republican alternative to the awful, awful, horrible, terrible ghastly obama care? what's really romney care? >> first it's true that i guess in the 1990s, there were conservatives who were trying to be proactive and look for ways to solve the health care problems. some of them, not all -- it's wrong to say all republicans embrace
Nov 17, 2013 10:00pm EST
scott brown win in massachusetts and the special election. a lot of national attention to that money. and the center -- at the center of that race was obama care. hasn't passed yet. but scott brown was supposed to be the senator who could stop it. and then the 2010 election, republicans won and the wave in the house made some gains in the senate but weren't able to win some of the key races. and think about what republicans have lost since president obama was first elected in 2008. 2012, mitt romney lost that election. he explicitly did not run against obama care. did not run on health care. he was trying to get away from his record with romney care in massachusetts. so i think that republicans are looking at this from a political perspective, they've got to see -- they've got to see victory and criticizing obama care in going after and being aggressive on health care. but that's also going to require a plan of their own. something that there's a lot of things in the house, a few in the senate, that the republicans are throwing out there, good ideas, i think. but we need to have some
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2